środa, 25 listopada 2015


Huge cultural transformations happen in front of our eyes. For example we are bombarded with slogans about equality which gets more and more comlexe. I saw this short movie on the facebook wall of one of my friends. It asks questions about political incorectness which goes mad.  I find it quiete controversial but also really thought provoking. I love one sentatance Penelope says: questions are offensive. Pretty disturbing.

Frank Sinatra sings in Polish

I was pretty astonished to discover that Frank Sinatra was also singing in Polish. Perhaps some of you know it already. In the heartwarming classic, The Miracle of the Bells from 1948, in which Sinatra plays one of the leading roles, we can hear a Polish song of Kazimierz Lubomirski adapted to English. In one of the versions of Sinatra's reconrdings, there's one in which in the refrain are sung the original lyrics. Check out the Ever Homeward ;) (Polish lyrics from 2:00)

czwartek, 5 listopada 2015

I thought I would never ever say that some cover of "My heart will go on" can blow me away. Surprise, surprise, love that touches one time can truly astonish..

I bumped into these guys while surfuing on the Internet a few days ago. They do absolutely amazing job, as they cover famous, often overused songs. I love dancing in couple to Jackie Wilson's rhytmes, so this version just make me wear my dancing shoes ;)

wtorek, 27 października 2015

Journey to the future

A young couple getting married let make-up artists to transform them into elder people. Very interesting idea of getting to know each other better before marriage ;) The bride-to-be got very emotional about seeing her fiancé as a 90-year-old. Well, I imagine the feeling :) I find first two life-like make-ups not so convincing, but the last one it's just amazing!

poniedziałek, 19 października 2015

Tree change dolls

A few months ago I found on my friend's Facebook wall an article about an amazing Tasmanian woman upcycling old dolls. Sonia Singh, a young mum who used to love playing with dolls, decided to give a new life to thrown away toys. She's looking for forgotten dolls in tip shops and then she's repairing then in down-to-earth style. What I find absolutely amazing about it, is that she's bringing them back their innocence and natural beauty.

Nowadays children are harrassed by the images that surround them. Girls look up to hypersexsualised icons from cartoons and teen movies which I find extremely harmful for them and just sad. Such people like Sonia Singh make me breathe a sigh of relief. And honestly, I love these dolls! They are so beutiful and lovely.

wtorek, 7 kwietnia 2015

Yes ma'am!

I'm catching up with Oscar movies, so far I like best American Sniper. I was really interested by the story, so I watched a few interviews and read a few articles to find out sth more about the Navy who got two Silver Stars in Iraq. Here, there's one: 10 questions for TIME Magazine. Everything that Chris says, fits to my image of him created by the movie. The image of the man living two separate lifes, the man who strugle to not let people forget about soldiers who fight out there, who doesn't regret any of the kills. I must truly say that Bradley did a great job. His 'Yes ma'am!' sounds just like Chris's.

Did they all live happily ever after?

I will never grow out of Disney :p I've just watched another about-Disney video. A few geeks wondered what the Disney princesses would have looked if they had really existed, as they are all inspired by history. They ask this painful question: did they all live happily ever after? to which the answer is if course: nope. Still, I love fairy tales. (And i didn't realise that Belle could be named Marie-Antoinette!)